Episode 260: Nude for Satan vs. Troll 2 w/ Michael Morris

Michael Morris returns for the umpteenth time in the umpteenth episode about godawful movies no one should ever be forced to watch. And yet we watch them freely, because we hate ourselves.

Episode 248: Over the Edge vs. The Return of the Living Dead w/ Michael Morris

Michael Morris returns to discuss the 2 greatest films of the 20th century. And we mean 20th century B.C. when films didn’t exist, which is the only way these would qualify

Episode 228: The 2018 Golden Globes

John & Pat do their annual Golden Globe predictions, and maintain their tradition of picking winners even though they haven’t seen the majority of the nominations. That’s how things work in Trump’s America! Their lack of knowledge doesn’t prevent them from explaining at length why the Hollywood Foreign Press sucks, either. You suck, HFP!

Episode 227: Our Top 10 of 2017

Finally, the whole stupid year is over, so it’s time for our annual recap of the few good things that actually happened. Spoiler: The Emoji Movie didn’t make the cut. We’re rebels!

We apologize for not having a special “227” episode for our 227th episode. Wait until you hear Episode 90210, we’ll more than make up for it!

Episode 226: Santa’s Enchanted Village vs. A Smoky Mountain Christmas w/ Michael Morris

Michael Morris joins the guys to give you the best Christmas gift ever: detailed descriptions of two movies so you don’t ever have to suffer sitting through them yourself. You’re welcome!