Episode 139: An Episode About Nothing

John & Pat have even less to say than usual, but that doesn’t stop them from saying it over and over. In the end, only one will be left standing. The other will be lying on a mattress sipping lemonade.

Episode 138: John’s Letters From Europe

An episode that was not requested by everyone! To no one’s delight! Pat reads emails from John’s vacation. Buckle your seatbelts this week you’ll have half of the voices to listen to, and double the opinions to disagree with.

Episode 112: Daredevil #25 vs. Daredevil #181

John & Pat avoid the Netflix hype and discuss the original non streaming version of Daredevil. They marvel (word play!) at the world of difference between the world of Daredevil in the 1960’s compared to his world in the 1980’s. By the way, wouldn’t those criminals be surprised to find out that Daredevil was blind?