Episode 87: Freaks vs. I Married A Witch with Michael and Laura

Laura and Michael are back for the last of the Halloween episodes, this time comparing two movies that will only scare you if your biggest phobia is corny dialogue in black-and-white films. And if that is your biggest phobia, you’ve probably got a host of more serious mental problems you should look into first.

I Married A Witch

Episode 86: Sleepaway Camp vs. Silent Night, Deadly Night with Laura and Michael

Laura and Michael once again join the guys to discuss two lesser-known ’80s slasher movies guaranteed to fill you with horror. The fact that the horror comes exclusively from the acting and scripts is, as with most things in life, beside the point.

Sleepaway Camp
Silent Night, Deadly Night

Episode 85: The Stuff vs. They Live with Michael and Laura

They came to talk about Horror Movies and Chew bubble gum. They’re all out of bubble gum. They’re also all out of horror movies. I guess alien invasion movies will have to suffice.

The Stuff
They Live

Episode 84: The Paul Lynde Halloween Special vs. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark with Michael and Laura

The month long bonanza of Halloween episodes begins with the magic of Paul Lynde’s comedy, and the marvel that is Elvira’s bust – only one of those things is real (you’ll be shocked to find out which one!).

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark