Episode 90: Bosom Buddies vs. Broad City

John & Pat take a hard look at the way media has dealt with gender issues over the decades and the ontological – no, sorry, I can’t even type this. They talk about sitcoms. Sitcoms and poop jokes. Just like every other episode.

Bosom Buddies
Broad City

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Episode 89: Prince: Purple Rain vs. Art Official Age and PLECTRUMELCTRUM with Pat Hayes

1 new Pat, 2 new Prince albums, all old jokes. If you never get tired of hearing white guys pontificate about funk and soul, this is the podcast for you.

Purple Rain
Art Official Age

Episode 88: Fall 2014 New TV Shows with Vivian Tang

Vivian joins John and Pat for a review of the new Fall TV schedule, which, unlike everybody else who watched every single one of these shows, they were not paid for. So take a moment this morning to commemorate these brave heroes – and also take a moment to apply some deodorant, because you all stankin’.

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