Episode 43: The ‘Burbs vs. The Stupids with Laura Bagnato and Neil Egan

Laura and Neil join John & Pat to remind people about two movies they’d mercifully forgotten ever existed: The ‘Burbs and The Stupids. Because mediocrity needs a voice (and that voice is bound to come from the internet).

Episode 42 Recommendations

Hot on the heels of such terrible movies Michael, John & Pat were forced to clear their palates with works that actually made sense and had talent behind them.

John thinks you should check out The Young Ones, the British television show from the 1980s. The Young One’s attempts at absurd humor hit home more often than not. He also believes you will enjoy watching Tim Robbins star in the 1990 psychological thriller Jacob’s Ladder.

Pat wants you to read The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes. It’s a novel about a time traveling serial killer. One of the interesting things about The Shining Girls is the fact that the victims are well written and extremely fleshed out. Reading the book you don’t feel like you are being forced to witness meaningless violence, instead you are upset by the fact that interesting well rounded characters are being killed.

And, finally, Michael wants everyone to watch the Australian television comedy Kath & Kim. He says to try your hardest to see the very funny Australian version, but to avoid the American version at all costs.

Episode 42: Things vs. The Room with Michael Morris

Michael Morris is back yet again to talk with John & Pat about the two worst movies any of them have ever seen. Even this description is more entertaining than sitting through these films, and we purposely made it extra-boring.

The Room

Episode 41 Recommendations

John thinks you should watch Bill Moyer have a conversation with David Simon, the creator of HBO’s The Wire. In it Simon rails against the overwhelming selfishness inherent in today’s America. He talks about how the poisoning of government by money has widened the gap between the haves and the have nots.

Pat wants to reiterate the fact that everyone should catch up on Saga, the comic book series from Brian K. Vauhgn. It’s a story that is set in space with all sorts of exotic creatures, but it dives into common themes use Vaughn’s usual wisecracking dialog, and his casually written deep insights.

Episode 41: Beverly Hills 90210 vs. Veronica Mars

John & Pat examine two TV shows set in high school and aired on upstart networks.  Their criticism is quite subtle. Listen in to see if you can figure out which one they like and which one they dislike!

Beverly Hills 90210
Veronica Mars

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Episode 40 Recommendations

This week John and special guest star David Schneider both made thematically appropriate recommendation for the episode, while Pat stayed out in his lonely sci-fi world to recommend something that had nothing to do with Las Vegas or heist films.

John thinks that Rififi is the greatest heist film ever made. David agrees while Pat still needs to see it. So does everyone else out there who hasn’t watched it yet.

Pat gives high praise to Love Minus Eighty by Will McIntosh. It’s a story set in a future that feels familiar to our own. It’s the best sort of science fiction, the kind that uses future technology to examine relationships and issues that resonate in any time period.

And, David says that Grandissimo: The First Emperor of Las Vegas: How Jay Sarno Won a Casino Empire, Lost It, and Inspired Modern Las Vegas by David G. Schwartz (he used a slightly shorter title, but the power of cut and paste makes it easier to put the whole title in) is an excellent look at Jay Sarno, an unheralded hero in the creation of the modern day Las Vegas that is more than just a place to gamble.

Episode 40: Ocean’s 11 vs. Ocean’s Eleven with David Schneider

Filmmaker and Vegas enthusiast David Schneider joins John & Pat to discuss a classic heist movie in both its incarnations. Experience all the fun of Vegas without the drunken frat boys or horrible life decisions.

Ocean’s 11
Ocean’s Eleven