Episode 147: Blazing Saddles vs. The Ridiculous Six

John & Pat almost come to fisticuffs when attempting to classify the awfulness of one of these films (I think you can guess which one). They’re just like Siskel & Ebert! Only. Not good. Two thumbs up!

Episode 145: David Bowie: Station to Station vs. Blackstar w/ Paul Myers

Social media darling Paul Myers joins the guys to discuss the illustrious career of David Bowie and his untimely death at the Battle of the Alamo. An episode to share with your loved ones (which for our listeners most likely means cats).

Episode 144:Yahoo! Answers vs. Local News

John & Pat continue in their mission to educate the stupid public by giving advice to Yahoo! Answers questions and looking at their local news. Unfortunately, many, many animals were killed in the making of this episode.