Episode 39: NewsRadio vs. The Office (US) with Ami S.

Saucy vixen Ami joins the guys to discuss two classic workplace comedies: NewsRadio and The Office. Listen to find out which show John & Pat have determined will be immediately cancelled!

The Office

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Episode 38: Batman #251 vs. The Private Eye Issue 3

John and Pat once again delve into the ontological subtleties of our most intellectual art form: comic books. Prepare to be aroused both mentally and, if it even needs to be said, physically. Then go find a podcast that will deliver such arousal, because this one isn’t it.

Batman #251
The Private Eye

Episode 37: SCTV vs. Community

John & Pat look at two comedies beloved by geeks, and in the process, learn something about themselves: they’re prime candidates for psoriasis. They also do their best to mispronounce Golden Globe nominees while making their predictions.


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Episode 36: The Best Songs of 2013, Part 2

This episode can go straight to hell because it took John almost 4 hours to edit the damn thing and Pat had to spend nearly 15 seconds reading John complain about editing for 4 hours. It’s impossible to know who had the worse night. Oh, also, in this episode Pat & John discuss 20 fantastic songs from 2013.

Bonus Episode 8: 2013 Year In Review

Since Pat and John were too hung-over for a regularly scheduled episode, they offer you this table scrap of a bonus podcast they obviously pulled out of their asses at the last minute. The last Pop Culture Continuum before the chicken apocalypse.