Episode 163: The Twilight Zone vs. Black Mirror

Prepare to enter a dimension of sight and sound, where time and space lose all meaning and poop jokes rule the day. As with all things sci-fi, Pat speaks excitedly and eruditely about the topic and John strives mightily to pretend he gives a !#*@.

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Episode 162: Nothing: The Final Chapter

John & Pat set out to prove that conversations can be interesting, even when they veer off of the show’s premise. Unfortunately, as they were trying to provide this proof they began discussing mid 80’s sitcoms and fell asleep.

Episode 160: Untitled Episode 47

Premises – what are they good for? John and Pat ditch the theme of the show for the first time ever to talk unscripted, unfiltered, uninspired. Plus, a visit from an alien! Or is it just a resident with a funny name? We’ll never tell.