Episode 217: 1987 vs 2017

John & Pat once again compare the ’80s to the ’10s, and once again prove the past was a huge load of crap. Of course, they also prove that so is the present. Why even bother doing anything? Just quit your dumb job and collect unemployment.

Episode 216: 2017 Emmy Predictions

John & Pat predict the Emmy winners with the stunning accuracy you’ve come to expect from two guys with no showbiz experience or insight. And who doesn’t enjoy hearing semi-educated guesses about events that have already taken place? That’s what death cults are built on!

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Episode 214: Rush – Power Windows vs. Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes w/ Ami

Ami once again joins the guys for the latest salvo in the gender wars: Rush vs. Tori Amos. Who will emerge triumphant? As always with this podcast, the answer is: the listener.