Episode 52: One Year Anniversary Show

John & Pat reminiscence about the past year and try to come up with highlights from previous shows. When they are, unsurprisingly, unable to do that, they debate the best season of Hee Haw and spout incorrect facts about Colbert’s upcoming late night television show.

Episode 51 Recommendations

We’ve dropped the ball on putting our recommendations out; we’re making up for it this time in pure volume.

Laura, John and Neil all agree that people should be watching more shows that Comedy Central has put out there. Neil wants you to watch The Kroll Show. Nick Kroll’s sketch show that offers funny sketches, and insights into how the show is made. Laura wants you to watch the Amy Poehler produced Broad City. A show that started as a web series about two 20 year old women living in New York City. John has two selections. Drunk History – a show that finally gives drunks a chance to tell history’s tales. Each episode features a narrator drunkenly describing an historical event, while presumably sober actors play out these events. John also likes @midnight; the Chris Hardwick hosted comedy panel show.

Neil and Pat agree that you need to have more golems in your life. Pat’s choice has the word golem explicit in the title – The Golem and the Jinni. An excellent supernatural novel that transcends it’s fantastical elements to tell a simple story about romance and cultures in 1900s New York City. Neil recommends Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. This Pulitzer Prize winning novel offers insights into the early history of comic books and film, 1940s culture, and Jewish mysticism – among a great many other things.

Finally, Laura picked up Black Hole by Charles Burns and thinks that you will be happy if you follow her lead.

Episode 51: Fantastic Planet vs. Princess Mononoke with Neil and Laura

John & Pat go on a lurid Hieronymus Boschesque trip to a planet where things don’t quite make sense and spend time with Nature Spirits, while Neil and Laura valiantly try to steer the conversation back to animation from the 1970s and the 1990s.

Fantastic Planet
Princess Mononoke

Episode 50: Pixies – Surfer Rosa vs. Pixies – Indie Cindy

John & Pat compare the classic Pixies to what passes for the band nowadays, which naturally means they engage in lengthy discussions of the careers of Billy Dee Williams and Scott Baio.

Pixies – Surfer Rosa
Pixies – Indie Cindy