Episode 72: R.E.M.: Out of Time vs. Automatic for the People with Peter Perez

Peter Perez joins John & Pat for their last R.E.M. album comparisons. Then they bid a tearful farewell to each other and vow to never speak again.

Episode 71: 1980 vs. 2014

John and Pat take a critical look at the 2 most important years in world history: 1980 and 2014. As an added bonus, for the first time, they’ve included an Easter egg somewhere in the episode, just like professional entertainers! See if you’re smart enough to find it. (Hint: it’s at the very end)

Episode 68: R.E.M.: Document vs. New Adventures in Hi-Fi with Will Stegemann

Will Stegemann joins John & Pat for this week’s R.E.M. album comparison. With his guidance, they manage to stay on topic a record 47% of the time

New Adventures in Hi-Fi

Episode 66: R.E.M.: Life’s Rich Pageant vs. Up with April

In the midst of R.E.M. discussion John improves his Bono impression, Pat confuses lyrics, and April irrevocably promises to be the official show Publicist.

Lifes Rich Pageant