Episode 111: Paris is Burning vs. Rupaul’s Drag Race with Michael Morris

Michael joins Pat & John for another look at drag culture – this time with 75% less white devils! Except for the hosts, of course.

Paris is Burning
Rupaul’s Drag Race

Episode 110: The 100 Best TV Characters of All Time Part 2

If you thought Pat & John’s bottom 50 best TV Characters of all time was exciting… what’s wrong with you? Get more fiber in your life, maybe that will bring your excitement levels up. Anyhow, here are the top 50. Bon appetit!

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Episode 109: The Best 100 TV Characters (Part 1)

John & Pat rank the bottom 50 of the top 100 TV characters so you’ll know exactly which shows you can skip so you don’t look like a stupid idiot. You might also want to re-think that haircut. It can’t hurt.

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