Episode 78: Lauren Bacall vs. Robin Williams

John & Pat discuss the passing of two screen icons with uncharacteristic insight, sensitivity and class. And, on the characteristic side, there are still boatloads of ill-informed extemporaneous pearls of stupidity.

Episode 77: The Library vs. The Internet with Will Stegemann and Alison Abrams

Will Stegemann and Alison Abrams join John & Pat to discuss the changes in media over the past few decades, which inevitably ends with everybody getting off everybody else’s lawn. As an added bonus, there’s a live drag race. Tune in, turn on, pass out.

Episode 76: Hawkeye (1960s) vs. Hawkeye (2013)

John & Pat once again delve into the world of comic books, which can mean only one thing: they’ll once again receive thousands of marriage proposals from supermodels. Sorry, ladies – entertaining the public is their only love.