Episode 65: Hüsker Dü – Flip Your Wig vs. Bob Mould – Beauty & Ruin

Pat indulges John yet again in his Bob Mould fandom, and in return learns a little something about this higgledy-piggledy mystery we call love.

Flip Your Wig
Beauty & Ruin

Episode 64: R.E.M.:Fables of the Reconstruction vs. Reveal with Steve Mockus

John and Pat are joined by pop culture editor Steve Mockus, who discusses the albums Fables of the Reconstruction and Reveal and, at long last, schools them on the delightful world of pregnant teen reality TV shows.

Fables of the Reconstruction

Episode 63: Robert Frost vs. Maya Angelou

Looking for interesting insights into poetry? Want to learn more about a couple of your favorite poets? Don’t listen to this podcast. Seriously. This is terrible. John & Pat know more about the language of the creatures who live on the dark side of the moon then they do about poetry. Do yourself a favor skip this episode and listen to a white noise podcast.

Episode 62: R.E.M.: Reckoning vs. Around the Sun with special guest David Schneider

David Schneider returns for our ongoing series of R.E.M. album discussions. As usual, there are no digressions, which is too bad, because ‘Around The Sun’ needs all the help it can get.

Around the Sun

Episode 61: Elvis Costello vs. Stephen Colbert with special guest Jessica

Number one fan Jessica returns to discuss two of her favorites: Elvis Costello and Stephen Colbert. So if you’re a skinny nerd with glasses, we might have a new friend for you.

Episode 60: R.E.M.: Murmur vs. Accelerate with special guest Ami

John & Pat’s in-depth discussion of R.E.M.’s albums Murmur and Accelerate is constantly interrupted by foul seductress (and special guest star) Ami’s impressions of famous people, juicy entertainment gossip and thoughts on Men’s Rights


Episode 59: Spellbound vs. To Be And To Have with special guest Vivian

John & Pat are joined by Vivian to discuss two acclaimed documentaries, because it’s all right for two men to talk about children as long as there’s a woman present.

To Be and To Have

Episode 57: M*A*S*H vs. Fargo

John & Pat look at two hit movies that were made into hit TV shows. That’s all. Like all fine-tuned German podcasts, there will be no digressions or extemporaneous chatter to trouble your fragile mind.

MASH (Film)

M*A*S*H (TV)

Fargo (Film)

Fargo (TV)