Episode 312: R.I.P. Andre Braugher & Lance Reddick

John & Pat take time to honor two of our greatest actors, lost too soon. Greater actors even, perhaps, than John & Pat themselves. Plus, an inter-podcast shoutout to one of our cutthroat competitors – you have to listen all the way to the end to find out who! LUCKY.

Episode 309: Dumb and Dumber vs. Me Time

John & Pat learn to stop blaming the universe for their problems and start blaming themselves, since they chose these movies. A positive move in terms of therapy, but not so much in terms of entertainment. Join us for the thrills, won’t you?

Bonus Episode: Night of the Living Dead vs. One Cut of the Dead w/ David Schneider

David returns for a bonus Halloween episode – because in 2020, time is entirely meaningless.
(Watch One Cut of the Dead before watching this episode! Seriously! Also, don’t read about it before watching it. Just go watch it now!)