Episode 72: R.E.M.: Out of Time vs. Automatic for the People with Peter Perez

Peter Perez joins John & Pat for their last R.E.M. album comparisons. Then they bid a tearful farewell to each other and vow to never speak again.

Episode 66: R.E.M.: Life’s Rich Pageant vs. Up with April

In the midst of R.E.M. discussion John improves his Bono impression, Pat confuses lyrics, and April irrevocably promises to be the official show Publicist.

Lifes Rich Pageant

Episode 64: R.E.M.:Fables of the Reconstruction vs. Reveal with Steve Mockus

John and Pat are joined by pop culture editor Steve Mockus, who discusses the albums Fables of the Reconstruction and Reveal and, at long last, schools them on the delightful world of pregnant teen reality TV shows.

Fables of the Reconstruction

Episode 62: R.E.M.: Reckoning vs. Around the Sun with special guest David Schneider

David Schneider returns for our ongoing series of R.E.M. album discussions. As usual, there are no digressions, which is too bad, because ‘Around The Sun’ needs all the help it can get.

Around the Sun

Episode 60: R.E.M.: Murmur vs. Accelerate with special guest Ami

John & Pat’s in-depth discussion of R.E.M.’s albums Murmur and Accelerate is constantly interrupted by foul seductress (and special guest star) Ami’s impressions of famous people, juicy entertainment gossip and thoughts on Men’s Rights