Episode 42 Recommendations

Hot on the heels of such terrible movies Michael, John & Pat were forced to clear their palates with works that actually made sense and had talent behind them.

John thinks you should check out The Young Ones, the British television show from the 1980s. The Young One’s attempts at absurd humor hit home more often than not. He also believes you will enjoy watching Tim Robbins star in the 1990 psychological thriller Jacob’s Ladder.

Pat wants you to read The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes. It’s a novel about a time traveling serial killer. One of the interesting things about The Shining Girls is the fact that the victims are well written and extremely fleshed out. Reading the book you don’t feel like you are being forced to witness meaningless violence, instead you are upset by the fact that interesting well rounded characters are being killed.

And, finally, Michael wants everyone to watch the Australian television comedy Kath & Kim. He says to try your hardest to see the very funny Australian version, but to avoid the American version at all costs.