Episode 303: Kevin Costner vs. A Technical Glitch

John proves yet again he has his finger on the pulse of the nation by badmouthing “Yellowstone” and “Succession”, while Pat Pats it up in his usual jovial manner. Plus: Telecommunications be complicated!

Bonus Episode: Night of the Living Dead vs. One Cut of the Dead w/ David Schneider

David returns for a bonus Halloween episode – because in 2020, time is entirely meaningless.
(Watch One Cut of the Dead before watching this episode! Seriously! Also, don’t read about it before watching it. Just go watch it now!)

Episode 295: Maniac Mansion vs. Untitled Goose Game

If you were wondering if this podcast could get nerdier, wonder no more: now they’re talking about video games. Would that include a history of Commodore 64 games and the code used to build them? I mean, do you even have to ask?