Episode 309: Dumb and Dumber vs. Me Time

John & Pat learn to stop blaming the universe for their problems and start blaming themselves, since they chose these movies. A positive move in terms of therapy, but not so much in terms of entertainment. Join us for the thrills, won’t you?

Episode 305: Succession Ted Lasso Finales Kissing Scott Aukerman’s Ass.mp3

John & Pat are at their timeliest as they discuss series finales from 2 weeks ago and a podcast that’s been around for 16 years. Tune in to the next episode for their hot takes on Chaucer!

Episode 303: Kevin Costner vs. A Technical Glitch

John proves yet again he has his finger on the pulse of the nation by badmouthing “Yellowstone” and “Succession”, while Pat Pats it up in his usual jovial manner. Plus: Telecommunications be complicated!