Episode 45 Recommendations

This week John & Pat’s guest star Jessica was so afraid that she would never be welcomed back that she offered four recommendations. (That was her mistake. She’ll inevitably be welcomed back, and also be expected to have another four recommendations!) The guys have their usual boring one pick for everyone to check out.

First off Jessica would like you to investigate the art works of Yoko Ono. She is the best living artist representing the Fluxus movement and conceptual art in general.
Next she would like you to investigate the works of Mexican artist and tattooist Dr Lakra.
She also think that you should check out the sadly cancelled HBO series from Laura Dern and Mike White called Enlightened.
Finally, she wants you to watch Dark Horse. An overlooked more mainstream film from director Todd Solondz.

Pat recommends the The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. It’s a heist novel set in medieval times with fantasy trappings such as magical creatures, and mages. It’s an excellent story with well written characters. The book’s only flaw is an ending that feels rushed.

John thinks you should watch The Friends of Eddie Coyle. A neo-noir film set in New England starring Robert Mitchum, with Peter Boyle.